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Burgers for €5 in Gourmet Burger Kitchen

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Gourmet Burger Kitchen are currently doing all burgers for €5 until 5pm.  It’s a pretty sweet offer, as the burgers usually cost around the €10-€12 mark.  I went for lunch there yesterday with some of my colleagues, and it only cost us €41 for a big feed up for six people.  The chips are chunky and filling, and three portions between six of us was more than enough.  They also have a decent selection of veggie burgers.  Recommended for a cheap lunch.

One tip though: the service is slow so allow plenty of time. It’s not the waitstaff’s fault, they’re all really good – there’s just not enough of them.


  1. Hmm, my first thoughts are that either they’re taking a hit on the cheaper burgers, or a large profit on the full price ones.

  2. Which GBK were you in? I have eaten in the one in Ranelagh many times and it is yum but I had the misfortune of eating in the Temple Bar branch once and it was of a markedly lower standard from start to finish – unusual for a franchise i would’ve thought.

  3. Hi Slater, it was the one in Temple Bar. No problems with the food, everyone was very happy with their burgers. Is there a GBK in Ranelagh? I thought it was a different one called Gourmet Burger Company (they’re all very similar, these gourmet burger places).

  4. €5 is a great deal – I recently had the brie and cranberry chicken burger, which retails at a full price of over €11.

    makes you wonder though, what their margins are normally?

  5. It’s great they’re giving cheaper prices during the day as I’ve always found that even though they offer a lot of choice, a tenner for a burger is just a bit much for lunch time.

    I usually get the puy lentil burger, and it was always lovely – but when I had it once in the Temple Bar GBK it was awful and extremely salty.
    When the waiter saw I didn’t finish it he asked why and I politely explained the reason – the manager came over and was very nice and said they had a new supplier for the burger (although I suspect they may have been making it themselves and got the quantities wrong!) and didn’t charge me for it.

    I think it would do a LOT better if the prices were permanently reduced (not to €5 as I’m sure that wouldn’t be sustainable) as the quality is generally very good and the menu is getting expanded all the time.

    I’ve never gone back to try the puy lentil burger though….!

  6. We had dinner there once and the burgers were just HUGE! I thought that at 10 euros, they weren’t bad value at all. The kids portions were around 6 euros with a glass of juice and that would have suited me too.

  7. This offer is on again and i’ve just been and had lunch in the South Anne st one. It was NYOM NYOM. I can’t get over the fantasic value – €5 for a burger, you could pay that for a sambo in city centre. My friend and I both got the camembert and veggie burger. It was so big, it had roast peppers, sweet potato, aubergine, portabello mushrooms and creamy melty cambembert cheese with red onion relish and lots of rocket. It was so tasty and delish. I’m stuffed now. We got an order of chips but you wouldnt need them as the burger is so filling. Would recommend anyone to try it out – at this price you can’t lose.

  8. I had lunch in the temple bar one today Laine! I have a cold and it’s such a manky day, needed some comfort food. I agree it’s great value. Must try the one you mention, although I was very happy with my spicy habanero burger today.