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Best Own Brands at Lidl and Aldi

"Stare Juice"

"Stare Juice"

Lidl and Aldi are great for the basics but they lack some of the brands we really want.

Lately I’ve noticed the ranges growing in Lidl and, to a lesser extent, at Aldi. Lidl now stocks Aquafresh Toothpaste, the Natural Confectionary Company sweets, Tayto crisps, and a selection of Cadbury’s chocolate. Notably, these mainstream brands cost roughly the same in Lidl as in the other major supermarkets.

But some of the own-brand products at Lidl and Aldi are better than what you’ll find elsewhere. Lidl’s Organic Yogurts are just 49c each; they’re at least 15c than most Yoplait yogurts of similar size. The cherry yogurts are particularly good.

The best product at Lidl, however, is the incomparable Solevita Multi-vitamin 12 Fruchtsaft drink cartons. They’re 0.25L each, come with a straw, and are perfect for a lunchbox. I normally revile concentrated fruit juice but these are incredible and very healthy. We call them “Stare Juice” because you tend to stare into the distance, trance-like, as you sip the sweet nectar.

What are your favourite own brand products at Lidl and Aldi?


  1. Big fan of Lidl (and to a lesser extent Aldi). Here’s a typical shopping list of items I’ve tried and tested that now regularly feature in my shopping basket:

    In Lidl:
    Cream Crackers
    Naan Breads
    Garden seeds (very good germination rates)
    Peanut butter
    Fairtrade chocolate (dark)
    De luxe Alpine chocolate (milk and dark – very creamy!)
    Specialist chocolate selection (box of bite-size individually wrapped chocolates)
    All their fruit and veg especially organic carrots and onions, fairtrade organic bananas, Northern Ireland Brambley apples, chestnut mushrooms, baby spinach, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, scallions, garlic and much more
    Aloe vera loo roll
    Cosmetic tissues (both ones in cube box and rectangular box – lovely scent and with balm)
    Travel packs of balm tissues
    Organic eggs
    Sunflower oil
    Fresh Orange Juice
    Multi-vitamin juice (lovely mixed with fizzy water)
    Fizzy water
    Plain and self-raising flour
    Fairtrade sugar (golden granulated – very good results in my baking and excellent on porridge)
    Maple Pecan Crunch
    Rasin and Almond Crunch (both crunches are basically granolas and delish! Beats credit crunch any day!)
    Salt sticks (pretzels)
    Hot Oat Cereal (aka Ready Brek, aka lazy man’s porridge)
    Salmon fillets (frozen)
    Organic yogurts and organic milk (alas no low-fat version available)
    Organic mature cheddar
    Organic minced beef
    Frozen prawns
    Pickles (all varieties)
    Dog food (wet and dry varieties – chunks in gravy and complete dry dog food)
    Barcelona red wine
    Toilet cleaner
    Dishwashing sponges
    Cleaning cloths
    Night and day anti-wrinkle face creams (the Q10 ones in little jars)

    Frozen fruit
    Frozen fish (tuna steaks, smoked haddock, haddock)
    Asparagus (especially good value when on their 79c special)
    Crispy bites (little biscuits)

  2. The JD Gross chocolate from Lidl (which I’m told isn’t always available) is really good and really affordable, the 80% is my favourite.

  3. Lidl freshly squeezed orange juice (c. 1.99 euro) is very nice and a lot cheaper than the branded versions. Also their vanilla icecream is great, about 4 euro for a 2L tub.

  4. Hi from Germany!
    I have read your post and it is interesting to see how deep this “Brand Name” thing is rooted. I know from the german Aldi that 25-30% of their “No Brands” are in the truth “Brand Names”!Why? Because nearly every producer of food or nonfood is interested to be productive to 100%. So they sell their products with little changes in the recipes for a different taste to Aldi, and not only to them. As higher the number of pieces they produce as lower are the costs per piece! Sometimes they founded “new” companys for this kind of products. For example (Germany):Diapers-Aldi name/Cien is from Pampers, Grillsauces- Aldiname/Kim is from Nestle, Kitchenpaper/Toilettpaper is from Kleenex and these are only a few worldwide operating companys. In former years (Germany) only people with a lower income bought at Aldi. But in the last years it is a kind of a lifestyle to buy things with a good quality for low prices there. Its smart and clever. You have more money left for really important things.

  5. Hi Frank, Knudsberg, Tammi, and especially Scary Mary! Great lists, and great advice. I’ll definitely check out a few more of these items.

  6. I wish LIDL would stick to their own brands and stop trying to ape the larger supermarkets by bringing in mainstream ones (they’ll never get them any cheaper than ASDA – so it’s pointless bothering). Besides, I like their own brands – it’s what makes them unique and besides I often find them to be better quality. As for ALDI, I’d love to comment but am not qualified as ALDI don’t seem to want to come to Northern Ireland for some reason (their loss….)

  7. The great thing about Lidl is that they seem to source a lot of their own brand products from the places that do them best. I’ve noticed the amazingly cheap & delicious tinned tomatoes are from Italy, as are a lot of the fantastic sliced meats,-there are also great jamons and chorizos from Spain, the sausages are from Germany, etc
    The only thing for me they fall down on is the cheese (with the exception of the parmesan, which is amazing). Any time I’ve bought the Brie or Camembert its been really bland and rubbery.
    Everything else though has really impressed me with its quality and value for money.

  8. Gotta agree with you there on the cheese at Lidl, it’s pretty crappy!

  9. Can anyone comment on the coffee from either Lidl or Aldi?

  10. If you are a coffee person I would stick to the branded stuff. Tried the Lidl coffee and it was horrible to say the least.

  11. This is an appeal to Scary Mary

    My parents were recently feeding the Lidl own dry dog food to their old dog, and it really agreed with her. They have now changed the brand that they supply, and she has lost condition and weight. They dont have any of the old packs, and cant remember the name of the food, so I cant find out if you can get it elsewhere! Please can you let me know if you can remember the name, as we are desparate to get her back on this food.

    My email is if you do remember.


  12. Vanessa, I cant help you re the Lidl dog food, but my parents have changed to Iams after their local Tesco had it on offer. (Its usually only available in vets or pet shops) The 11 year old mutt is absolutely thriving in it. She even has a full winter coat for the first time since she was a puppy.