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Brilliant burger deal

gourmet-burger-kitchenI hardly ever go out for lunch these days because I just can’t afford it. We may all be sick of hearing about all things recessionary, but the reality of many is that the financial situation isn’t getting better. But wait! You cam still go out and have a yummy, filling lunch that doesn’t set you back more than the price of a Starbucks cappuccino.

I’ve known for a while that all the burgers in Gourmet Burger on South William St were a fiver at lunchtime, but I didn’t get round to trying it until yesterday. Beetroot, egg, salsa, bacon, avocado…you can order whatever burger you like for lunch and it’s STILL a fiver. I had a gorgeous fat blue cheese burger, succulent and filling though, it has to be said, not as good as Eddie Rocket’s finest.

But my friend and I had a burger each, and shared fries, which were divine. That and two glasses of Dublin’s finest tap water and we were set up for the day! Bill came to €13, and I was too full up to eat that night. Can anyone else tell me their lunchtime secrets?


  1. mespil market on a thursday (on either side of the canal opposite the mespil hotel) lots of great food. dick&dave’s pizza being my fave, 9 inch pizza for €5-€6. really delicious and great value. there are alos noodle, kebab, thai, coffee, cupcake stalls and others here!

  2. I think their burgers are so much better than ER! That said, I am not an ER fan at all.

    Do you happen to know if the deal runs on weekends too? Would kill for their goat’s cheese burger for 5 euro.

  3. Lunch at Cornucopia, soup and 2 salads, cames with a slice of their gorgeous bread (though the last 2 times I had to remind them about that). It’s quite filling and I thinh it’s just under €8! Plus you feel you’ve done yourself so much good….

  4. Yes the whole Cornucopia thing is great, and maybe worth that one or two euro extra just for that feeling of virtuosity!

  5. 2.95 for mighty soup and bits of fresh bread in honest to goodness in the georges st arcade. I feel so benevolent when i pay for someone elses lunch…

  6. Gourmet Burger in Liffey Valley has an offer on where every burger is €5 until 5pm!!If you show your cinema ticket (Vue) you can have any burger for €5 anytime!!!its an excellent offer and they will always ask if you have cinema tickets in case you havent heard of the deal!!!