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Review: Rick’s burgers

ricks1Do I look fat in this blog? All week it’s been burgers this, sweets that, fish and chips the other. But my gluttony has been strictly rationed, with each week receiving its fair share, so just in case all those trolls out there think there’s lots of meat on me – there isn’t. The junk is a rare treat, but somehow, this week, it’s been written about all at once. Next week, some healthier options. I promise.

Meanwhile, the Dublin burger debate rages on. It’s a yes for Gourmet Burger Kitchen but a big no no for BoBo’s. Many of you have mentioned Rick’s burgers, that iconic recession-survivor on the corner of Dame Street and Georges Street. Surprise, surprise: this was precisely the burger place I had in mind when I referred to a burger place that deserves your business.

Decor wise, Rick’s is what it is. It has about as much charm as a KFC. Probably less. But that’s quite irrelevant. This is strictly an eat and go kind of place.

Rick’s is always heaving at pub and club closing times. And for a good reason too: their burgers are absolutely fantastic. Real, proper, fresh minced meat (no frozen patties), delicious fillings, and an ok bun to boot.

I went there for the first time a few weeks ago and was ashamed of myself. How had I not discovered this place sooner? I took a bite of my friend’s beefburger it was amazing, a real relevation, and far from the cheap imitation of the burgers you get, even in good chippers, that I was expecting.

You’ll be disgusted to hear that I went for the fishburger (€6.70). I had low expectations, but this was a really excellent fishburger, crammed with a mouthwatering, flaky fish, a well-matched sauce, lots of melted cheese, and fresh toppings. I think it’s a good barometer: if Rick’s are willing to cater for the small minority who don’t choose the meat option, then they clearly have respect for their customers, and they care what they serve. Indeed, this was one of the best fishburgers I’ve had, proving that Rick’s have high standards across the board.

Oh Rick’s, wherre have you been all my life? Readers, how much do you love Rick’s?


  1. Ive eaten there plenty of times. I cant remember one single burger though. 😀

    Because of your recent blog entries, I ended up having a M&S venison burger last night. It was the best home cooked burger Ive eaten.

  2. I’m interested to know where they get their mince meat from.
    Of all the mince I have tried in the city; Fallon and Byrnes butchers appears to be the best. Anychance of a homecooked burger recipe when you finish your greasy feasts 😀

  3. The Garlic and Cheese Fries are amazing after a few beers.

  4. I’ve tried the M&S venison burgers and, lo, they are good!