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Lunch in Jo’Burger

Jo'Burger's excellent chips

Jo'Burger's excellent chips

Anyone who says the words ‘I’m not going to get drunk tonight’ AT THE SAME TIME as drinking a series of large martinis (ingredients: neat vodka!) is clearly a genius.  And when a genius has a raging hangover, they deserve to be brought somewhere good for a curative lunch.

This was the state that our pal Maria Crispy and I found ourselves in last Saturday after a Friday night party.  Those martinis were chased down with all kinds of other stuff, and we were in rag order the next day.  I could only berate the unfair universe that inflicts such pain on decent people, but Maria had enough wits about her to suggest going to Jo’Burger in Rathmines to get a big dirty burger for lunch.

There are loads of gourmet burger places in Dublin now, and Jo’Burger is one of the more popular ones, as well as probably the hippest.  They have nice or painfully trendy touches, depending on your perspective, like hand drawn graphics, a dj playing there in the evenings and menus bound inside old Beano annuals.  There was a respectable crowd there when we arrived, at around 2pm, but we had no problem finding space at one of their long benches.   They have a very attractive offer on their menu for a €10 lunch – you get their ‘pure’ burger (a burger with tomato, lettuce and relish) and a choice of either a drink (including wine or beer) or a side of fries. Given that the burgers are all at least €10, and fries cost €4, this is a pretty decent deal.  However, the deal isn’t available on the weekends – fair enough, but I think that should be clear on the menu.

joburger-burgerAfter a noticeable wait, someone took our orders. I ordered a Zondi beef burger (it comes with green thai curry mayo, chilli and coriander and costs €11.50) along with a side of chips (€4) for my tiny sidekick, as Jo’Burger don’t have a kids menu.  Maria ordered a beef burger with hummus and chipotle relish and a side of sweet potato chips.  The delay in taking the order wasn’t the only blip in the service: our food took quite a long time to arrive, and the sides arrived well after the burgers, although our waiter did apologise for that.  I had been told on ordering that burgers were cooked medium, but the burger that arrived was distinctly rare.  In a normal, non-chronically hungover state, I would have sent it back.  But measuring up the time it took to arrive, I decided to live with it.  Shameful, I know.

This kind of thing was all a bit dismaying, but as Maria pointed out, there’s still loads to love about Jo’Burger.  The burgers arrived in a huge enticing tower of buns, meat, toppings and condiments; all of which are extremely good quality. Also, the chips were fantastic.  Whatever oil they were cooked in had an excellent flavour.  I’ve frequently grumbled here about the way gourmet burger places charge extra for chips, but when they’re as delicious and the helpings are as ample as the ones in Jo’Burger, I have no problem with them.  It’s a great lunch, and really worth the trip to Rathmines if you can make it during the week when the €10 offer is on.

Do you like Jo’Burger? Or is there a better gourmet burger to be had elsewhere?


  1. I’m a regular in Jo-Burger. Twice a month at least for the past three eyars I’d say. Love it because:

    1. As a veggie I can have the same meal as everyone else- I’m not an afterthought. The chickpea pattie is to die for.
    2. Their specials are seasonal and fab.
    3. The hdaily ouse wine is always decent.
    4. The service is usually on the ball but it can be a little slow. Never received my sides without main and other way round. You probably got them on a bad afternoon Jean.
    5. I roll out of there with a belly full and knowing I got value for money.


  2. Yep – joburger is excellent, staff are smashing, and the meat is consistently less well-done than typical in ireland. If you want medium, ask for well done.

  3. Agree with Finn – they do super veggie burgers and the best bit is the burgers are vegan so no dairy or eggs, and it says so on the menu. Hurrah!
    Love the chickpea burger. I do think the chips are a tad overpriced but they are delicious – as are the sweet potato fries. Great to see that option there.

    The relish on the tables is so nice but I do wonder if it is hygenic…though they did change the bottles (which were pretty gross IMHO) recently which is great.

    Must plan another trip there soon!

  4. Update.. Jo’Burger just started home deliver this week… lethal… thank god I’m emigrating next month. If it had been any later I mightn’t have fit on the plane.

  5. I have to disagree with the poster that said that if you want medium, ask for well-done. Just ask for what you want – they’ve always been spot-on!

  6. One of the best gourmet burgers in town is from The Counter. They have been in Dundrum Town Centre for a while but opened a premises on Suffolk St in December.
    The choice of fillings is very impressive if a bit safer than the alternatives in Jo’burger – no green thai curry sauce (which in my books wouldn’t be a bad thing!).
    Also their smallest burger is 1/3 of a pound and with all the fillings is more than enough for a hungry punter.
    Their drinks are huge and their skinny fries are gorgeous.